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Like many of you, I grew up awkward and outcast; bullied and insecure (chubby, gnarly teeth, bad skin… the works). I thought I was average and had nothing “special” to offer. Except that is a lie. I do. And so do You! Where you are right now… is NOT where you are going to be! And the choice is yours! You are not stuck.

PhenomaJohn is that alter ego that I latch on to as a reminder to help keep me confident and moving forward when the kryptonite of this world’s negativity tries to pull each of us down. An artist is a world changer. Almost prophetic in how we can positively affect those around us. We shape media and minds with the stories we tell. This is a super power. And it’s my job to use my abilities to change the world around me for the better.


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15Mar 17

John Launches PhenomaJohn Website

To coincide with the release of his latest project “Gaston Style”, John has launched the PhenomaJohn Website with the help of Siskey Productions! Bookmark this site and follow John on social media to stay up to date on everything PhenomaJohn. Also, check out THE GOODS for some awesome t-shirts to show your love for all things Gaston!

30Jan 17

Investigation Discovery TV Show

John recently played a Detective on Investigation Discovery’s “Your Worst Nightmare – episode 304 Sarah Wisnosky”.

It’s not an easy life; that of an artist. Very difficult to stay in this pursuit. But I see the value I give to those around me… who sometimes treat me like their own personal proxy for dreams they once had, that they laid down to pursue love, family, or financial stability through a corporate career. I am trying to make creating and storytelling my life’s work. At times, I feel like a missionary out in the field.

Currently it’s been very difficult to do my creative job full time without support. There are a full slate of stories I would like to develop with my team. I would love to get to a point where I can create and have my bills paid by that work (writing, producing, directing, acting and filming in various projects).

Please consider the options available to keep us going. T-shirt sales, a subscription through Patreon or perhaps financial support through PayPal.

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